Hey Kings and Queens!


We hope you are doing well during the trying times of 2020.


With that being said FE would like you to take a moment of silence for all the people of color we lost to police brutality both here in America and across the globe. 


We would like you to take another moment for everyone targeted by the COVID pandemic. 


Then we want you to remain silent for all our lovely queens subjected to abuse and discrimination of all kinds as well as the kings torn from families or forced into horrible situations.


Finally, take a deep breath and continue to remain silent for all the people of color subjected to racism and unequal opportunity.


Today, FRESH & Co. wants to bring a little more positivity to you in a way that should keep you inspired to push back smarter for the black community. 


Black Brand Unity


A simple project that unites the future generation of wealth generators for our community. Leaders of commerce, leaders of activism, leaders of joy bringing goods and services to everyone but supporting our communities first. 


We all love the BIG NAME brands and a lot of us were inspired by them, that we are sure of, but let's take the time to consider a few perspectives:


  1. The brands we love today started small too.
  2. The money you spend with them doesn’t recycle back into our communities as often.
  3. There is 1.3 Trillion dollars circulating in the Black Community alone.
  4. With your support we can buy our communities back.
  5. With our guidance you can start your business or join us to keep our new cycle alive.


The Black Brand Unity project takes a collaborative position to collect as many black businesses as possible to aid one another in growing successful businesses in our local towns.

We are aiming to bring awareness to the communities we serve and increase the likelihood of black businesses filling up our streets.

A Call To Action

  1. Click our Blog  or Squad to see who we’ve partnered up with so far!


  1. Follow these companies:  SAVE, SHARE, COMMENT, LIKE in this order to increase the circulation of black brands.


  1. Buy the goods you need or want and make recommendations so that we can further accommodate you all.


  1. When you find a new business not doing so well, give them suggestions so they can turn around poor situations. Advise them to seek out as many mentors they can or even save up money to take courses and relaunch when they have a better understanding of the market. 


  1. We ask that you do not shame or bash their attempts because there are scattered access points to black professionals and not everyone will get it right from the jump.


  1. Finally, Tag us when you come across Black Businesses so we can continue to promote and bring awareness to the FE family.


Thank You for reading and have a blessed day!



November 18, 2020 — Robert Thompson

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