The High Value brand was created to help one find the value within. Suggestions that someone can apply to their daily life and manifest their true self.

The content will be produced in order to enhance your quality of life, remind you about the little things, warn you of pitfalls, and help you overcome obstacles.

Look out for our content this Fall, both on FRESH EPIDEMIC and its own official IG @youarehighvalue.

The HIGH VALUE Monogram Logo Takes the form of a diamond.

The diamond is only formed when carbon undergoes intense heat and pressure.

As people, we all live under a glorious sun and the pressure that we undergo in order to be loving, kind, intelligent, patient, honest, great enough to extract brilliance from our existence.

As we are all accustomed to, the diamond represents commitment , purity and clarity.

Its perfect form matches our ambitions to keep you ahead of the curve, and its brilliance is the light from within you.

Its indestructible nature should be your resolve to do great things.

Warmest regards Kings and Queens,


‍"No Pressure, No Diamonds." - Thomas Carlyle