Evolution of Nuvolo Co: Our Fashion Project


Hey everyone today I'd like to introduce one of our first big creative projects: The Nuvolo Co. Initiative!

"Originally a plan to launch a designer fashion line and grow into a major Fashion House competitor. Inspiring the creative inside all of us! A designer brand for designers/artists seemed like an interesting idea to play with at the time. " - Rob
Key Goals
  • Exclusive Labeled Drops
  • Increase minority representation in creative industries

Hopefully, by now, you've heard FRESH EPIDEMIC (FE) is a black-owned media publisher. Before we came into that, FE had originally started as Graphic Design and Fashion Ecommerce Site, hence the first image above.  That logo was originally designed for @onrob_ as a personal logo for a school project and then repurposed to be its own designer line for a fashion house. 

The image you see above was the first official artwork approved to sell on apparel goods!

This design is titled: "Cloud Goddess"

Some of the inspirations here were VERSACE, A BATHING APE (BAPE), and Louis Vuitton; my personal favorite fashion houses.  With the two visuals presented, the creation of the Nuvolo Co Fashion House was born and trademarked under the FRESH EPIDEMIC LLC. 


With time, the challenge of building a popular clothing line became overwhelming while in school and we had to put it on hold. Hold became forever with life and responsibilities, and then on top of that learning how to run the business altogether. 



After a few years of business reconstruction, building stability, and GRADUATING. We moved into a better operating space and I took the Nuvolo Co. idea off the shelf. More thought and creativity poured into the concept, and something "greater" has evolved from the Fashion House.

One of our interns created this reimagination of the "Cloud Goddess" which is the visual you see above. I fell in love with it instantly, I already had an idea in mind and her concept merged so well we had to name the Goddess officially.

I call her Eda, A Yoruban word for "Creation".

Now with Eda created, I was able to take my passion for art and storytelling a bit further and I created something that can enhance the Nuvolo Co. brand passed its original purpose.

We came up with this!!!!


ETERNAL ™ is the upcoming Graphic Novel that will accompany the development of the Nuvolo Co. Fashion House!

More in-depth information about ETERNAL ™ will be featured on our PATREON

In honor of this new development, we have released our Classic Nuvolo Cloud gear and The Iconic OG Cloud Goddess shirts in the store.

Also, follow our main account on Instagram @freshepidemic for faster updates and conversation. 


Thank You!

Hope you all enjoy the things we are creating